Just in time for spring, Duffeyroll is excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website!
Since 1986, Duffyroll has remained a Colorado-based and community-centric company. Our Duffeyroll Café Bakeries are landmark neighborhood gathering spots where guests come to enjoy delicious food, a warm friendly atmosphere, and sunny outdoor patios.
Today, we’re expanding our reach to bring you the same delicious confections found in our brick and mortar stores straight to your kitchen…plus some other perks. That’s where our new website comes in.
Take-and-Bake Pans Now Available Online 
Now, not only can you place orders online and make local delivery and catering requests, you can buy Take-and-Bake pans and ship them to your home. That means you can enjoy fresh-baked Duffeyrolls, whenever you want, right from your own oven!
Choose from Bake-at-Home Cinnamon Rolls or Bake-at-Home Savory Swirls. Plus, you can save on your Bake-at-Home purchase – or any online purchase – when you sign up for our new online loyalty program.
All Duffeyrolls and Savory Swirls are made with the finest ingredients including korintje cinnamon, brown sugar, real butter for our sweet offerings and crispy premium bacon, uncured ham, real cheese, house roasted tomatoes and honeycup mustard for our savory offerings.
Duffyroll Online Loyalty Program 
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Duffyroll of the Month Subscription  
If you love Duffyroll, sign up for a Duffyroll of the Month Subscription and get <Info needed>
Online Gifts 
Online gift cards? We’ve got ‘em. Want to share the Duffey love? No problem. Now, you can buy Duffeyrolls online and gift them to another person – right from the same shopping cart. <Is this correct?>
Our new site will be updated regularly with new products and special offers, so keep coming back. You can also stay up-to-date via social media on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
More About Duffeyroll 
Duffeyroll is a Colorado grown, community-based company co-founded by Jim Duffey and Nick Ault in 1986. Our unique mouthwatering cinnamon roll recipe was introduced via two pushcarts on the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver. After establishing a fast-growing number of Duffeyroll connoisseurs greeting morning pedestrian traffic, we opened the original Duffey’s Bakery in November of 1986. Nick assumed sole ownership of the company in 1987.
Currently, our fresh baked Duffeyrolls and Savory Swirls are enjoyed at our three popular neighborhood gathering spots in Denver where generations of folks enjoy our tasty signature breakfast and lunch menu. Duffeyrolls also provides local delivery and catering.
We humbly appreciate and thank our ever-growing family of friends for your loyalty and ongoing support. We pride ourselves in navigating a weather-filled and fast paced world by providing rays of sunshine through Duffeyroll’s timeless mission statement: “To create memorably delicious eats and experiences that are the talk of the town.”