This is a Denver treasure.

The Duffey rolls are a family favorite. I live overseas and every time I’m back in Denver I bring two dozen minis on the plane for friends. They are delicious even after the travel. Owner Nick is the best guy and really committed to high quality food and great customer service. Try any location.



Scottish Duffeyrolls

Hello Nick,

I was in Denver last Friday and I visited your store at 1290 South Pearl Street.

I wanted to tell you my experience of the visit. As I was leaving Denver that day I wanted to take some cinnamon rolls back to Scotland. The only brand that came to mind with not being a local was Cinnabon however there wasn’t a branch in the vicinity. After referring to the internet your company appeared.

I am so glad it did. I ended up taking home 24 mixed selection of your Cinnamon buns as well as eating in the cafe. (NIck Turkey sandwich and Minestrone)

The buns and the lunch were all excellent.

I have to commend to you Emily whose customer service was absolutely excellent. She was very informative of the product, she kindly boxed and shrink wrapped the product so I got it back to Scotland in pristine condition. (Despite a Customs Officer eyeing them up as they passed through the scanner at the airport).

After talking to her she was very positive about her work and her employer having nothing but praise for both, I gave no clues to Emily I would be writing to you, Emily did not know either that I am a retail business owner myself employing 24 Staff so I  can’t but help observe customer service where ever I go. I would be grateful if you would pass on my thanks to Emily for the treatment I received.

It has also been my pleasure to leave you a positive critique on tripadvisor.

Kind regards

Mr Jim


Duffeyrolls in Boulder?

At last, a chance to try the famous Duffeyrolls.   I arrived nearby here where I had an appointment 1/2 hour early yesterday,  so I walked over to this little Happy Canyon strip mall.   Where to go?   Burger King?   nooooooooo.     Starbucks?  not in the mood.   Then I looked to the right and saw Duffeyroll Cafe.   Why not?   I had read about it on Yelp over the years.   Whereas the carb-limited diet I make every effort to adhere to is not a good match for a restaurant featuring cinnamon rolls,  I was hungry after the 2.5 hour journey to this appointment.

So, after a brief perusal of the menu,  I ordered one of the vegetarian breakfast sandwiches,  the one with the hummus cooked into the egg, with some spinach and cheese,  in a nice little sandwich.   Tasty!   And a bitty baby duffeyroll came with it.   Including coffee the whole thing was under 5 dollars.    Coffee was excellent too.   And the duffeyroll…nice and fresh,  warm,  and I love the cinnamon.  They have a special unique cinnamon here.  I forget the specifics….check out their website for more info,  or their menu.  Nice place!  Friendly service.

Wish there was a Duffeyroll Cafe in Boulder.



Duffeyrolls…Hands Down

Duffeyrolls over Cinnabon. Hands down.

I first got hooked when my boss brought a box in for the office. I may have eaten more than my fair share. Don’t tattle on me. The mini Duffeyrolls are perfectly sized; you can comfortably finish one in 2-3 bites. Their crunchy outer shell breaks open to reveal a warm, soft, light pastry. They also have a good selection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Any day I bring a box into the office, it seems I can do no wrong (not that I try…).

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